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Malware in system update

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29 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Malware in system update

Security researchers have discovered a new and aggressive strain of malware that is attacking Android smartphones. What makes this new malware more lethal than others is the fact that it cleverly hides by masquerading as a system update.

According to a report by researchers at Zimperium, this new malware disguises itself as a System Update application, which makes it hard to detect, reports Indian Express.

Hackers can record audio and phone calls, take photos, access WhatsApp messages, steal instant messenger messages and database files, inspect the default browser’s bookmarks and searches, search for files with specific extensions, inspect the clipboard data, the content of the notifications, list the installed applications, steal images and videos, monitor users’ GPS location, steal SMS messages, phone contacts, steal call logs and even exfiltrate device information.