Enlist all genuine freedom fighters

27 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

At last, the government has published a partial list of 1,47,537 freedom fighters. Alongside this one, a partial list of 191 martyred intellectuals who lost their lives at the hands of Pakistani occupation army and their collaborators during our Liberation War has also been published. It is unfortunate that we are yet to get a final list of genuine freedom fighters even after 50 years of our independence. However, as it is always better late than never, after a long wait, a process has started for publishing the final list of the best sons of the soil. It is indeed a good step forward.

Earlier, the successive state authorities revised the list of freedom fighters on several occasions. In some cases, they have changed the definition and criteria of freedom fighters. Because of corrupt practices pursued by them, lots of imposters got incorporated with the official list which is a shame for the entire nation. Following takeover of this pro-liberation government in 2014, certificates of over 3,000 fake freedom fighters, including those of six secretaries got revoked. Ultimately, the country was freed from its stigma to some extent.

Presently, the government has taken a fresh initiative to prepare a genuine list of the golden sons of the country. It is a fact that the freedom fighters risked their lives to liberate their motherland, not for any material gain. After the country’s independence, they deserve due honour through their state recognition that we should award them by preparing the final list of genuine freedom fighters. In the meantime, many of the brave souls passed away before finding their names on the list of freedom fighters. At the time of their deaths, they might have felt pains in their hearts. We have come to know from numerous reports published earlier that some freedom fighters, out of anguish, asked the authorities concern to take back their gallantry awards which is a matter of shame for this glorious nation.

However, the Liberation War Affairs Minister has assured the nation about publishing another list of freedom fighters by June this year. The rest of the freedom fighters eagerly wait to see their names in the final official list.