PM’s timely call to the countrymen

27 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

In her 50th Anniversary Independence Day Speech Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the countrymen to make concerted efforts putting aside all differences to build the golden Bengal as envisioned by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangladesh has made tremendous progress over the last decades, but to take the country towards the next level of development, by which we mean a developed country, there is no alternative to united efforts for development of our human capital, strengthening of democratic institutions and overall ensuring of good governance and rule of law.

Amidst the birth centenary celebration of Father of the Nation and golden jubilee celebration of our independence, we are witnessing a high level of enthusiasm among the people. But as the premier cautioned, we must not just get carried away with the festivity and formality. Rather we should take a firm vow to take the country forward.

The PM said people from all walks of life, through their efforts, made the impossible possible by driving out poverty. The government has only created a convenient environment. It is the people who are the driving force behind the success.  The premier urged the countrymen to stand against all kinds of anti-national evil attempts for the sake of the country’s smooth advancement.

Although we achieved remarkable progress in economy, agriculture, education, healthcare and other socio-economic areas, the rise of communal forces threatens to devour all progress that we have made so far. So, the premier rightly urged the people to forge ahead by keeping the spirit of 1971 alive to fight back the communal forces. 

Having patriotic zeal among the citizens, personal integrity and good will, among others, are the keys to building a happy and prosperous nation. Our economic prosperity might not always bring happiness if we are morally corrupt as individual, society or nation. Widespread irregularities and immoral things in our society mostly stem from our lack of personal honesty. Therefore, an overall moral awakening is the need of the hour.