The Ever Memorial Plaque

Habibullah Siraji

26 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Translated by Hossain Ahmed Arif Elahi


Beyond my stature, you stand alone as our all-time legend—

Risen from the soil in the form of a human soul,

You had your graceful immersion in the deeps of the

idyllic waters.

Forged from the fiery struggles, you brought your rebellious

self into the sublime

Proclaiming its voice on the podium of history like

the ever-sweeping gale,

Every Bangali shall therefore owe their glory to your

abiding glow.

Beyond my confines, you stand alone for this land of ours—

I own you as you defined our unique identity,

Bengal's eternal friend you're, so your legacy will live on with  her forever.