50 years of independence

Aiming high, achieving high

26 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh is now at its 50 years of independence that we achieved under the guidance of our supreme commander – the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This historic event carries extra significance for the nation as the golden jubilee of independence coincides with another great occasion – the birth centenary of Bangabandhu. It would be highly desirable to take stock of what the nation achieved during the five decades of its independent existence, what more we have to gain to fulfil the dreams of its founding father and what are the challenges lie ahead.

The independence achieved at the cost of blood and sacrifice opened before the nation the gate to socio-economic prosperity and cultural reawakening that we were deprived of during the prolonged period of colonial subjugation. Without indulging in numerical calculations and comparisons with others, it can be said emphatically that we, under the able stewardship of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, have at least been able to set a strong foundation which will act as a springboard for our next leap forward. Our achievement could have been far greater than this had not the forward march of the country been interrupted by a bunch of villains. However, what Bangladesh has so far achieved against undesirable predictions got appreciation from the global community. The gains so far has placed Bangladesh at a prestigious position in the comity of nations. And this emboldens our spirit to go for complete realisation of what Bangabandhu dreamt of.

And what we need to achieve is no less than a Sonar Bangla where none will remain illiterate and unfed, unclothed and uncared for in terms of health and hygiene as well as social security. Needless to mention, it is more than being just a developing or a developed nation in economic terms. But that journey is not going to be any smooth sailing; we will have to face a host of obstacles that are formidable in nature. We not only need to be able to read and write, we need to be educated, enough to do away with crime and corruption, social discrimination and repression over women. We need not only to be wealthy in economic terms but also rich in spirituality.