Landmark verdict to contain militancy

25 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The landmark judgement of Dhaka Speedy Trial Tribunal-1 is undoubtedly a lesson for the HuJi militants who plotted to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by planting a 76kg bomb at Kotalipara in Gopalganj in 2000. In its verdict, the tribunal has awarded death penalty to 14 members of the terrorist organisation. The court asked for its execution by a firing squad publicly, but if it is not possible, the conviction will be executed as per the existing law. We hail the bold verdict that would remain an exemplary punishment to the militants; it will make militants think twice before being engaged in such heinous crimes.

However, the bigots believe that they serve Islam through violent means. Because of misconception and misinterpretation of Islam, it is their common belief that after their execution they would become martyrs and would directly ascend to heaven.  But, in reality, they have moved away from the right path of Islam. Being a religion of peace and tolerance, Islam never allows killing innocent people that they do at ease in a bid to establish the so called theocratic state.

Anyway, extremism would not be contained merely by awarding capital punishment to militants. Islamic religion teachers and Imams of mosques must have to play their due role to defend the tolerant form of Islam. They should dispel the misconception about this religion from the minds of youths to whom they exploit to spread misleading messages and distort its peaceful values. They should help youths acquire necessary capabilities for recognising terrorist propaganda and provide them with the tools so that they can challenge the violent ideologies. Therefore, alongside awarding capital punishment to terrorists, motivational programmes should be regularly carried out to contain the pressing global problem.

Meanwhile, the trial process took an abnormally longer period of time to come to a conclusion. Such delay will only encourage militants and those in the bandwagon to indulge in similar offences.  We urge for speedy trial of such cases in future.