Corona surging again, be careful

24 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The adage ‘Better Late than Never’ comes to mind seeing the rush by health sector authorities preparing the country’s hospitals for the next wave of coronavirus infection. A similar situation happened when the first wave of Covid-19 hit Bangladesh. Promises were abounding about pulling the health sector by the bootstraps. Well, here we go again. It takes a crisis to remind us of our duties and responsibilities to the country and the people, which we conveniently forget at other times, simply leaving everything up to the Almighty.

Such ad hoc based activities are the reason why we are always chasing the wind instead of being ahead of it. Just because the number of infections and deaths started to fall, we became thoughtlessly complacent. We forgot our own promises to uplift the health institutions, health sector and generally enforce the health protocols at all public places.

It must be entrenched in everyone, to defeat this fatal virus we cannot let our guards down. This ever mutating cunning virus may be around far longer than we envisage. It may appear to be gone only to return again. Therefore, to outsmart this deadly enemy we must not be fooled by it. Like the lull before the storm, it seemingly declined for a short while, to gather more strength and return stronger than ever.

Health protocols like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and frequently washing or sanitizing hands must become part of our everyday normal lifestyle for years to come, with or without the coronavirus. This first ever global proportion pandemic may be just a dress rehearsal for more deadly future pandemics to come. So, no country or nation of the world must become complacent about improving the health sector for the sake of our survival on earth.

Before Covid-19 hit the world, there were several predictions about an imminent global pandemic. Honestly speaking, before experiencing the huge losses that we faced personally, nationally and globally, none of us could have imagined the actual Covid-19 scenario unfolding like a horror movie before our eyes. So, let us not allow our safety measures to weaken before the coronavirus.