1,500 madrasas asked to set up Bangabandhu corner

Staff Correspondent

21 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Islamic Arabic University (IAU) has directed the authorities concerned to set up “Bangabandhu and Liberation War Corner” at their 1,500 madrasas throughout the country.

Islamic Arabic University, also the regulatory body of the madrasas, has sent a directive asking them to implement it as soon as possible and inform it to the university, said a press release

IAU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ahsan Ullah said, “This initiative has been taken to spread the spirit of the liberation war and Bangabandhu among the madrasa students.

“The students will be able to know the true history of the liberation war through the corner and they will be inspired by the spirit of the liberation war.”

Islamic Arabic University is a public university which was established in 2013 in Dhaka. Fazil and Kamil examinations of the 1500 madrasas are held under the university.