Gardening on campus: A unique recreational activity

21 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Gardening on campus: A unique recreational activity

In childhood many learned to write on gardening as the answer to what is your favorite hobby or pastime. Most students loved to write on this because it was easy or perhaps many actually loved gardening. But many never thought that their childhood paragraph writing topic could turn into a real-life event. Students, teachers and staff can also practice this activity in educational institution campuses like university or college campuses. Many may think it’s a crazy idea because normally we go to university for subjective knowledge. But one should know it’s an open place for earning any kind of knowledge.

Normally the activity of planting, cultivating and caring for trees for recreational or economical purposes is called gardening. Gardening is a part of horticulture and landscaping which is mostly done for increasing aesthetic beauty or making the environment healthier. It needs proper intensive care, time, effort and labour to make gardening successful.

Gardening in our university campus can be both productive and nonproductive. But it’s a choice. In a single day, most students spend almost 50 per cent of their time daily at the university campus. Therefore, it’s essential to make the campus more livable and green. A garden with a proper design has enormous benefits towards university residents or students. As the university campus consists of a huge area, there are lots of unused places or roadsides at the university campus which can be a good choice for planting trees. It will supply more oxygen to the environment, keep the air fresh and remove the monotony of the students as well as teachers.

Sometimes educational institutions can become a boring place to us due to study pressure or exams. But making a flower garden or a proper landscape design can remove dullness, worries, anxieties, and make people more relaxed. It will increase the connection between humans and nature. Sometimes students suffer from severe mental pressure and stress disorders which can be reduced by a beautiful garden. It can also act as a mood booster. There are many plants which have medicinal value and can play a significant role towards improving our health. Such as marigold flowers can help improve eyesight, mint leaves may be added to food as a fragrant digestive component, roses can help as an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial elements. It will create a naturally pleasant diversion in the campus including helping the ecosystem and biodiversity.  Gardening can even decrease the dirty areas in the campus. It will keep the environment fresh and pollution free.

Today we live in such a world where increasing environmental pollution, temperature, carbon dioxide, sound pollution, soil and water pollution are common. The extinction of important medicinal plants including beneficial insects or animals and decreasing biodiversity are making the situation worse. Gardening can be an excellent idea of mitigating these kinds of problems as well as adding an extra economic benefit. It will add more oxygen to nature while absorbing carbon dioxide and decreasing the heat. It will make the environment cool, more livable and Mother Nature friendlier towards us. The beneficial weeds, vegetation or scent of different flowers will sooth our mind and help our brain to keep calm. Some beneficial weeds increase the beauty of nature such as from the wood sorrel family, the most wanted by plant lovers are the clover or shamrock, in various colours, can attract pollinators keeping the harmony in nature. Sometimes people use the other plant from this family named oxalis triangularis as an indoor plant. Durba, shama, chapra, carpet ghash, fulka, ulu, etc. weeds can make our garden greener, conserve the soil moisture, fertilise them and also protect the soil. Some species such as frogs and grasshoppers will act as predators by keeping pests such as mosquitoes, vermin and harmful insects under control and keeping the campus more comfortable and habitable.

Gardening can be done as a project or by forming a gardening club at the university campus incorporating the students. They can participate in weekly gardening projects on which university administration can allot a small budget. Gardening will increase the bonding between students and teachers while they are working together. Sometimes programs or competitions can be arranged by university administration to increase the interest among the students. Some will think it as a waste of time but we really need this to keep the environment beautiful and safe for us.


Zakia Hossain Moon, Student of Department of Agriculture, Noakhali Science and

Technology University Email:

[email protected]