Stand united against communal violence

20 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Thuggish sentiment sensitive religious fundamentalists, acting on their jihadi impulses, have time and again brought collective shame upon all the people in this country.  On Wednesday, they reared their ugly heads again at a village in Sunamganj’s Shalla upazila. Enraged by a Facebook post of a minority Hindu boy, supporters of radical group Hifazat-e Islam have attacked and looted homes of Hindus and vandalized temples.

This horrific and condemnable incident took place in spite of the fact that the Facebook post criticized a certain person, not any religion. Moreover, considering the sensitivity of the matter, police had detained the minor boy who made the post to calm the zealots even before the attack.

But nothing could deter the radical group from swooping on the minorities, looting and vandalizing their homes and ransacking their places of worships. They even allegedly threatened a number of veteran freedom fighters of making them leave the country for demeaning their ‘hujur’.

The temerity of the rampaging radical group is astounding. Apart from committing the crime of vandalism and looting, they have also dealt an irreparable damage to social fabric of the village where Hindus and Muslims have been living side by side for hundreds of years. These acts of grotesque violence against minorities on flimsy ground must be stopped at any cost.

After the attack, a huge number of police and RAB personnel have been deployed in the area. So far two cases have been filed and police reportedly nabbed over a dozen suspected attackers. We demand exemplary punishment of all those who were involved in the attack as well as those who incited the mob from behind the scene.

If the reign of terror on minorities cannot be stopped, it will take a heavy toll on our multi-religious and multicultural society. The political parties, instead of resorting to blame game, should take a united stand against any act of communal disharmony. There must be no compromise on the question of religious harmony which is a prerequisite for peace and development.