Mujib to altogether new height

19 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the supreme leader of the people of this country, the greatest Bengali of all time and, above all, the architect of independent Bangladesh. Hailing from a remote village in Gopalganj, he raised himself to this towering height by dint of his love for the country, dedication for the noble cause of the countrymen and his unparallel personality traits like perseverance and sacrifice. Mujib occupies such a prestigious position in history that no other son of the soil could come closer to it. Bangabandhu remains closest to the hearts of his countrymen and will remain ever so.

However, Bangabandhu was not a narrow national leader, preoccupied only with his own affairs; worried as he was about global issues, the transcending nature of his political philosophy always kept him concerned with the problems of the oppressed across the globe. He had the deepest sympathy and support for the people of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia as well as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and Mozambique. Bangabandhu always stood strong with people including the Palestinians who were struggling for freedom from oppression. Mujib was a world leader in the truest sense of the term.

Mujib had much earlier occupied an exalted position among his contemporaries and front-ranking global leaders. The tributes bestowed upon him by leaders of different countries reflect the same love and respect for our great leader. President of the Maldives, Chinese President, Japanese and Canadian Prime Ministers and the Prime Minister of India lauded the role of Sheikh Mujib as the 10-day special programmes began on Wednesday marking Bangabandhu’s birth centenary and the golden jubilee of the country’s independence. More such accolades are likely to pour in as the year long programmes proceed.

The love and respect Bangabandhu receives from world leaders make us proud as a nation and inspire us to uphold the great ideals left behind by him for building the Shonar Bangla (golden Bengal) under the able leadership of his worthy daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.