She turns out to be a lighthouse for visually impaired people

18 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The people with disabilities face plenty of barriers that impede or even prevent them to start their own business for getting self-employed.

It is clearly understandable to all concerned that the risk of poverty is significantly higher for disabled persons than for people without disabilities. Nurjahan Begum did her Masters from the Law Department of Chattogram University.

She has become the country’s first visually impaired woman lawyer who is the member of Chattogram Bar Association. But, she didn’t limit herself to the legal profession rather she devoted herself to ease the sufferings of other visually impaired persons. Nurjahan has succeeded in establishing herself as an entrepreneur and removed darkness from her life by her sheer will.

She is now imparting trainings to the visually impaired persons through a non government organization (NGO)-Disabled Peoples Organization (DPO). A total of 350 persons have become members of the NGO.

Besides, counselling is being given to the persons with disabilities through the NGO as how to survive in a new place. The DPO is working aiming to empower the persons with disabilities as they would not become burden to his or her family and society as well.

Side by side with providing training Nurjahan Begum has devised opportunities to sell handicrafts made by the persons with disabilities through her own marketing company named ‘Nakshi Bangla’. Presently, about 150 members of DPO are supplying their products to ‘Nakshi Bangla’. Many of them are trying to become self-reliant through ‘Nakshi Bangla’

She started the activities of ‘Nakshi Bangla’ with only Taka 7,500 in 2013 along with her younger sister and her husband. Now the investment has been stood at about Taka 10 lakh.         — BSS