Pay back debt to FFs

18 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Freedom Fighters (FFs) are the greatest sons of the soil. Risking their lives, they fought against the Pakistani occupation forces to free our motherland during the Liberation War in 1971.  So, they deserve due honour from each and every member in society. But, unfortunately, we most often find stories about sufferings and deprivation of some FFs. If they remain deprived of their rights and privileges, it would be a matter of shame for us.

However, a fresh newspaper story has brought hopes for them. As per the story, the government would build 30,000 houses for the insolvent FFs and their families to uplift their socio-economic condition. It is indeed a noble initiative on the part of the pro-liberation administration being led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It appears to be “a gift from ‘the mother of humanity’ marking the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of the country’s independence.” At the same time, it will be a state acknowledgement of the sufferings and sacrifice that they had undergone during the war of independence. Earlier, the administration has raised their monthly remuneration to Tk 20,000. We laud the remarkable initiatives.

But before distribution of the houses, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs must have to scrutinise the list of the FFs so that no undeserving persons can get hold of the shelters by depriving the genuine ones. We should remember that no FF had fought for the country thinking about their personal gains. Even today, the real FFs do not think about that but certain vested quarters enjoy the official facilities impersonating the greatest sons of the soil.

Unscrupulous people have long been involved in the forgery of FF certificates. It is our expectation that the state authorities would take stern action against those involved in certificate forgery. As a nation, it is our solemn duty to pay back the debt we owe to the FFs with respect, care and fairness.