Beware, corona bouncing back

17 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

As the majority of the people became careful about following health safety guidelines enforced by the government, the infection and death rate from the coronavirus gradually decreased in the country from December onwards. The daily death toll was 31 on January 7, which started to decline steadily till February 12 when the number came down to five, the lowest since May 7, 2020 when health authorities recorded 13 deaths.

But the number of deaths has started to increase once again with 18 deaths on March 14 and 26 on the following day, March 15. Perhaps if we could hold on to our restricted behaviours for a little longer, instead of throwing caution to the winds and becoming careless about wearing masks and keeping social distancing, then things might not have turned for the worse once again.

The daily infection rate is also rising crossing 6 per cent in the last few days. Overall infection rate rose to a record high on March 15 after 81 days since December 21 last year, when the health directorate reported 9.38 per cent infection rate, which gradually went down reaching 2.5 per cent about 15-20 days back.

The positive trend of coronavirus infection declining over the past two months made most of us feel secure that it was gradually going to die out from our country and that we were safe from major health risks. Most people had become frustrated being cooped-up at home for months without much socialising opportunities. Thus, corona fatigue had set in, which led many to sort of dare the virus with a devil may care attitude once the infections lowered both in number and intensity. Overjoyed at the new found freedom, which we once took so much for granted, people started to shop in crowded malls, eat out at restaurants, socialise at weddings, go on group holidays with friends and family at crowded beaches or fancy resorts, etc.

If we want to defeat the coronavirus and save our near and dear ones, then there is no other alternative to wearing masks, washing hands frequently and above all maintaining social distancing as long as it takes.