Let us learn from girder collapse

16 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A part of the girder launcher and a pier cap of the Bus Rapid Transit project collapsed with a big bang in the capital Sunday morning injuring six workers on the spot. The incident sent shivers down the spines of the commuters. It could have produced more devastating results but out of sheer good luck that it did not.

No one welcomes an accident – big or small – that hampers the progress of a priority project. But whenever it is a fait accompli, we can only draw lessons from it to avoid recurrence of similar happenings in future.

The collapse of the girder is an indication that there might be serious fault in the construction process and adequate precautionary measures were not taken with possibilities of mishaps and unwanted turn of events well into consideration. The smooth progress of the project so far created a sort of ease in our minds but we are alarmed now. So, a deep going and thorough probe into the accident has become more than urgent to find the actual causes behind it.

If the fault is of purely technical nature, it can be remedied relatively easily. But if there is an element of sabotage, the probability of which cannot be ruled out altogether, then the incident needs to be taken with all seriousness. Why we raise the question of disruption is that forces envious of the country’s progress are not supposed to remain inactive and cannot let our dear motherland go on at an accelerated pace along the path it has charted for itself.

Bangladesh is now advancing with a number of priority projects that, on completion, are expected to add much to our socio-economic prosperity, making the country able to maintain its growth in a sustainable manner. The uninterrupted implementation process of all of them should therefore be ensured by any means. No interruption or callousness whatsoever should be allowed to stand in its way.