March 16, 1971

Mujib, Yahya met after 3 months

Staff Correspondent

16 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Mujib, Yahya met after 3 months

Like all other days of the month, March 15, 1971 was full of rallies and processions of agitated people in East Pakistan.   

Awami League chief Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and President General Yahya Khan sat for a closed-door meeting on the day at the President’s House for nearly an hour without their advisors and aides.

It was the first time the two crucial persons of Pakistan met since late December when Yahya Khan had visited Dhaka for the last time.

After the meeting, Bangabandhu informed his senior party colleagues of the topics of the discussion.

Yahya initially explained the reasons why he had postponed the inaugural session of the National Assembly on March 1.

In reply, Bangabandhu told that Yahya had made blunder through taking this decision. He said Yahya needed to discuss it with the majority party leader before reaching such a critical conclusion.

Yahya said that he wanted to find an acceptable and responsible way out of the crisis for everyone.

Bangabandhu made a simple answer. He said since the crisis was initiated on March 1, much water had flowed over river and the only resolution of the crisis was left for the president to accept his demands made on March 7 speech.

Bangabandhu categorically told Yahya to withdraw martial law and transfer power to the elected representatives of the people.

Yahya replied that if martial law was withdrawn at that time, a constitutional vacuum would be created in the country.

Bangabandhu said he would tell his advisors to keep communicating with the president’s advisers so that the two sides could find an acceptable formula avoiding a constitutional vacuum.

According to Bangabandhu’s instructions, Dr Kamal Hossain met President’s principal staff officer Lt Gen SGMM Peerzada and reaffirmed their demands again.