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Kindness feature on TikTok

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15 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Kindness feature on TikTok

Short video sharing app TikTok has introduced new features in an attempt to make its users be ‘kinder’ to each other.

They include a new prompt that will attempt to spot cruel comments and advise people to reconsider their posts before they are sent.

Video creators will also be able to filter comments – removing any comments at all, unless the owner of the video approves them.

That feature is called “filter all comments” and TikTok said it was an extension of existing tools that look out for “spam and offensive comments” so they can be filtered out, as well as a feature that allows for the hiding of specific keywords.

The platform comes amid concerns on the app and its popularity among young users mean that it could be allowing for bullying and undermining the wellbeing of those who use it.