Pool strength to counter militancy

15 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We must be ever vigilant against the rise of fanatical militancy in the country at all times. Dealing with the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic demanded lot of attention of the government and the law enforcing agencies last year. Taking this opportunity, some fanatical militant units and other unwelcome groups may consider coming out of their places of hideout to break the peace and stability of the country. We all must pool our strength together to counter them everywhere.

Keeping the country free from all fanaticism and militancy is not the responsibility of the government and the law enforcing agencies alone, it is also the duty of all the countrymen to ensure that Bangladesh remains a safe and peaceful country for our future generations. Those who are jealous of our country’s development and prosperity may try to create trouble with the bad intention of hampering the progress for years to come, like they did before repeatedly.

Indoctrination of young gullible minds with distorted interpretation of religions, cultural identities, moral ethics and narrow-minded nationalism must be deterred through proper guidance and the light of education. The best way to drive away the darkness of narrow-minded beliefs is by offering young people the opportunity of illuminated lives through world class education incorporating the sciences, arts and culture.

The basic teachings of all religions incorporate tolerance, kindness, compassion, humanity in all their totality. But those with maleficent intentions take random portions from Holy Books to lead the young minds astray. Devoid of any knowledge of the real teachings of religion can make young people vulnerable to evil minded fanatics who can lead them in the wrong direction.

Parents and guardians cannot be careful enough about whom their children are befriending and which places they are frequenting when they are going out. It is the responsibility of parents to make serious efforts to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their wards at all times. These are changing times, with the shadow of militancy and the real threat of coronavirus rising again, requiring extraordinary measures of carefulness, vigilance and safety. Parents and guardians are the first line of defence against the negative indoctrination of the young people who are the future of our beloved country.