Job-oriented, technology-based education needed

14 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

On the concluding day of a five-day meeting of the Committee for Development Policy held at the UN headquarters in New York, it was recommended for Bangladesh to leave the LDC status and enter into the developing country status. Bangladesh is to be finally recognised as a middle-income country in the 2024 UN General Assembly session.

Living with a small size land and a large population, Bangladesh has not yet recovered from the scourge of unemployment. Although various programmes have been taken at different times to alleviate unemployment, they are not being implemented properly due to lack of resources and skills.

If we can move the large population of about 49 per cent of the young generation towards technical and technological education, then we will be able to transform this large population into productive human resources. In order to eliminate our unemployment and continue our long-term development in the future, the government must place more emphasis on a work oriented technology-based education system in the country.


Md. Shimul Raihan is a student of Juranpur Adarsha University College, Daudkandi, Comilla