The menace of fake degrees

14 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

When the quality of education of the country has been a great problem, qualification and moral degradation of some tertiary-level teachers have become a matter to be concerned about. What affects the nation most is some teachers have got professional degrees like Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) without having a minimum level of intellectual faculty required to be a teacher at the tertiary level of education. According to a report of a Bengali daily, Kaler Kantho, these unqualified teachers, despite submitting faulty and plagiarised thesis papers, have been given professional degrees by different unauthorised institutions in exchange for money, though the quality of such degrees issued from authorised institutions is not satisfactory either, at least in some cases.

It is unfortunate that the trade of fake degrees is flourishing and none seem to be taking any action against them. The counterfeit and substandard degrees taken from different illegal set-up study centres are being used for taking a promotion and other facilities at workplaces. No doubt about it, the unqualified and immoral teachers who took their jobs using the loopholes of the recruitment process, is the prime customers of such degrees and the academics who help them get the job back them in such activities. Though some immoral teachers were 'punished' in recent times, no action was taken against the academics those who supervised the convicted teachers in their researches and allowed publishing it. But then the education ministry and other concerned authorities neither take any practical initiative to stop setting up illegal study centres nor prevent them from issuing such certificates.

There was a time when a teacher was considered to be a role model of the society, thus was their respect. A human error from them was appeared to be moral degradation. Therefore teachers had to be aware of their behaviours and lifestyle. However, things have turned a three-sixty degree nowadays. Academics and teachers are hardly found to be ashamed of their fraudulent activities, let alone moral degradation. They do whatever they want but their main job – educating their students. It is also a question that, what would these people teach a student! But we should remember that the collapse in the education sector will lead to a cave-in in other sectors too. Therefore, the authorities concerned must act accordingly to ensure the quality of education in every sphere, whether it is in classrooms or academic degrees.