Swedish Minister for Int’l Dev arrives in Dhaka

Diplomatic Correspondent

14 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Swedish Minister for Int’l Dev arrives in Dhaka

Per Olsson Fridh, Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, arrived in Dhaka on Saturday for a week-long visit marking the golden jubilee celebration of Bangladesh.

This is his first official visit to any country after taking office in early February this year, said the Embassy of Sweden in Dhaka on Saturday.

Minister Olsson Fridh will hold talks with representatives of the government of Bangladesh and meet civil society and development partners.

The minister will also travel to different parts of the country to visit development and humanitarian assistance programmes funded by Sweden.

“I am thrilled to be here in Bangladesh on my first overseas visit as Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation. This is a historic moment in Bangladesh’s history. Our ties stretch back over 50 years and I look forward to exploring how we can strengthen our partnership further”, says Minister Olsson Fridh.

“As the world strives to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic we need a greener, fairer, and more inclusive approach to global development. Sweden stands ready to contribute.” the minister said.

Sweden was one of the first countries to recognise Bangladesh. Next year, the two countries will celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations.

The ties are vibrant and multifaceted covering development cooperation, trade and investments, and people-to-people engagement.

Per Olsson Fridh has previously held the roles of State Secretary to the Minister for International Development Cooperation as well as State Secretary to the Minister for Culture and Democracy.

He belongs to the Green Party.

Sweden’s development cooperation with Bangladesh goes back to independence in 1971.

The Swedish government recently decided on a new Strategy for Development Cooperation with Bangladesh for the years 2021-2015.

It is the 10th strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation with Bangladesh and covers four areas: inclusive economic development; democracy, human rights, rule of law and gender equality; health and climate and environment.

In addition, Sweden will continue to actively engage and support efforts to provide assistance for the Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, as well as development for the host communities of the area.