Essentials dearer ahead of Ramadan

Staff Correspondent

13 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prices of most of the essentials including chicken, fish, onion, rice and date are soaring sharply in the city markets ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

The city dwellers have witnessed the gradual price hike of the essentials during the last couple of months.

Continuous price hikes have caused much concern among the low and fixed-income people in the city.

Taking advantage of the rise in demand, some unscrupulous traders hiked the prices of most essential commodities to make some extra profits ahead of Ramadan, many consumers have alleged. Some early varieties of summer vegetables hit the markets, but prices of those are too high.

Local onion was Tk 45-50 per kg on Friday while it was Tk 35-40 per kg a week earlier and imported onion was Tk 35-40 per kg while it was Tk 20-25 a week earlier.

Local onion prices have increased by 26 per cent and imported onion price has increased by 66 percent in a week, according to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

Traders said decline in supply of early variety seed onion (murikata) and low import has caused price hike of onion.

Prices of poultry meat and Sonali chicken and farmed fish have also soared.

Sonali chicken price has increased by Tk 60 per kg and was sold at Tk 360 per kg while it was Tk 300-320 a week earlier. Broiler chicken has increased by Tk 5 per kg and was sold at Tk 150-155 per kg at Mohammadpur Krishi market.

Price of Sonali chicken was Tk 230-240 per kg and broiler price was Tk 120-130 per kg 1.5 month earlier. 

Farm egg was sold at Tk 90 per dozen, which was same in the previous week.

Fishes including pabda, ruhi, katla, tengra, golsha, shoul,boal, shrimp and other species increased due to a shortage of supply from some major sanctuaries amid the ongoing two-month-long fishing ban. Traders claimed that ban on fishing hilsa for the next two months has caused hike in the prices of fishes.

Cultured ruhi was sold at Tk 250-350 per kg (1.5 to 2 kg), farm katla at Tk 220-300 and Tilapia at Tk 180-200 a kg on Friday- a Tk 10-20 per kg further hike in a week while its price increased a week earlier.

Sultan Ahmed, a fish traders at Mohammadpur Krishi Market said indigenous ruhi, katla, boal, aar, shoul witnessed Tk 50-100 a kg hike since last week and supply of it is decreased due to the ban on fishing.

Price fine, medium and coarse rice has increased by 0.80, 1.85 and 1.05 per cent respectively in the capital in the last one week, according to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

Fine rice price was Tk 60-66 per kg on Friday while it was Tk 65-70 per kg a week earlier, medium quality rice was Tk 52-58 per kg while it was Tk 50-58 per kg a week earlier and coarse rice price was Tk 46-50 per while it was Tk 45-50 per kg a week earlier, according to TCB.

Early variety summer vegetables prices were high in the kitchen markets. Drumstick was sold at tk 200 per kg, pointed guard was sold at 60-70 per kg and okra at Tk 60-70 per kg.

Winter vegetables, however, remained static. The prices of most vegetables range between Tk 25 and Tk45 a kg on Friday.

Lemon prices increased slightly with the rise of mercury in the late spring. It was sold at Tk13-20 a piece based on size and quality.