Breakthrough in city’s transit system imminent

12 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The city’s Metro Rail under the Dhaka Mass Transit Company Ltd is one of the major dream projects of the country. People in general, especially the city dwellers and commuters, have eagerly been waiting for the golden moment when this mass transit system will start carrying passengers from the city’s northern point to the downtown. Once opened, it will bring an end to a segment of commuters’ agonising journey that has been going on for decades together. With the completion of other phases of the metro rail project, the entire mass transport system will undergo a revolutionary change and bring dynamism to the life of the city dwellers.

Though seriously interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, the work of the project is advancing at a rapid pace and is expected to be completed well within the target period. The 20 plus kilometre MRT Line-6 project has reportedly made an overall progress of about 59 per cent while the Uttara-Agargoan phase saw more than 81 per cent of its works done. The installation of the overhead viaduct has been completed in the Uttara-Agargoan segment, with a seven kilometre rail line already installed. The trial run is expected to start in July, while regular service will be opened on the Victory Day on 16 December after completion of the rest part of the project.

The Metro Rail is not just a transit system like any other of its kind; it symbolises our concerted efforts for and outcome of faster socio-economic growth and wide range of achievements in many other fronts. The success in the construction of the mass transit system, if compared with similar schemes in many other countries, may not in itself appear that much significant but whenever combined with a host of dream projects like the Padma Bridge – all within a short period of time – it really carries meaning and enhances our prestige as a nation. It signifies that Bangladesh’s graduation from the LDC status is based on tangible realities.

The completion of the current phase of the Metro Rail and its likely expansion over other areas of the fast expanding city in future will change the face of the capital and therefore of the country. Successful completion of this and such other projects is eagerly awaited.