Be aware of fake foreign institutes

11 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The unearthing of a study centre of a fake foreign university is alarming as students, who are the country’s future, are getting duped unknowingly by such fictitious institutions. Falling prey to the false claims of giving foreign degrees by these illegal institutions, the parents are losing their hard earned money and students their precious academic years. The majority of our families do not have excess money to spare after meeting everyday cost of living, yet parents try to spend whatever is necessary to educate their children with the hope of a better future for them.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has done their duty by exposing a false claimant, though after a lapse of almost seven years. There may be many more of such fake institutions lurking among the innumerable private institutions spread all over the country. Since, this particular fake institution launched their website in 2014, therefore, we can assume that by 2021 many students have lost both their money and academic years by getting enrolled with them for higher studies. We are concerned about those students and their poor parents who must be feeling highly frustrated by the turn of unfolding events.

The UGC should be more prompt in finding such fake institutions. Also, students must be more prudent in their search for a worthy institute to brighten their academic future. The poor parents are the helpless victims as most of the older generation in our country are not internet savvy, therefore, they have to rely on whatever their children tell them about the institutions.

Students should thoroughly verify the authenticity of any study centre or institution before getting enrolled into any education programmes. The UGC in addition to the related departments of the education ministry could help by listing the authentic study centres and institutions in a user friendly way for students to access information from anywhere.

This kind of duplicity is not new. Fraudulent people are always finding new ways to cheat students seeking higher education and foreign degrees. Even a single student losing one academic year in a country like ours, where majority of the students are from struggling low or middle income families with multiple children is a huge loss for the macro economy of the country.

The students of today are our future academics, administrators, doctors, engineers and professionals of tomorrow; their interest we must protect.