Living in Harmony

Aditi Sonia Mansur Mahmud

11 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Living in Harmony

Aditi Sonia Mansur Mahmud

Every year on the 8th of March, we all celebrate Women’s Day very fondly. It is indeed a very special day for all women in the world. However, it can be seen very differently too. Everyday should be celebrated as women’s day because women constantly play a vital role in our lives. They help us in every imaginable segment. They make everyone’s life richer and blessed. They look after our children who are so precious. They take care of literally everything in the house. They think about everything in details. They go out and work efficiently and competently. They take care of their parents and in-laws too.  They look after their home and outside stuff at the same time. They are leading the world; they are everywhere in the corporate world as well as in politics and changing everything with their vision. They are just like soldiers and combat ready to fight in all fronts.

Every woman is special but very often a daughter is never asked if she is ready to get into a complicated stage of her life, if she is actually ready to get married, which might bring a lot of changes in her life which she might not be mentally prepared for, and sometimes not even given a chance to get prepared for. She is told to get married and pressurized to get moulded into someone she never wanted to be. Her dreams and goals of life and her wishes are not given importance by anybody.

The majority of women in Bangladesh are from suburban areas and rural outskirts. When we think of these women, the first thing that comes to our minds is an image of them working in paddy fields, mountains, tea gardens, garment factories, construction sites etc. We often fail to recognize them as superwomen too - they have to defy societal norms to be independent and earn a living for themselves. These are the women who are revolutionizing gender stereotypes and making an actual change in the world. Aren’t they the true modern women of our country? Aren’t these our true soldiers? Shouldn’t we be taking our hats off for them? They are actually the real women of our society—very bold and strong.

Since ages, women are fighting for their basic rights and the issues they face. Yes, things are changing now. But sometimes it seems everything is still the same. At the end of the day, a woman kills a part of herself to keep everyone around her happy, except herself. Another thing I observed is that in this society, women are women’s enemy. Whenever a girl comes as a new member through marriage, she is very often bullied by others in the family. If, in such cases, the husband helps her to get out of the situation and shows his love and respect towards her—then the son is not treated as an ideal one. So women can be mentally unstable too; they too can be unfair and unjust to other women.

A woman should be taught to be a good human being first, so that she can become a good mother and a good mother-in-law, a good aunt, a good sister, and a good wife. Then the society will change and they will know how to show respect and love towards anyone and let everybody survive their own struggles. Women should not be taught to be judgmental.

Every human being is special. We should teach our sons in a way that they become good human beings in life and try to learn to respect women, so that they can treat them with equality, honour and dignity. Only then can there be true love between men and women.

We must also teach our daughters to be fine human beings; they too must treat everyone with honour and not treat men like their property and try to control them disproportionately. Men should be able to have their own space. They have their family too, and they can give their family importance after marriage. Everyone should live in harmony. They should have their own space to lead their life happily and give time to their loved ones. I have seen many men sacrificing their lives for their family after marriage. They take all the responsibilities and sometimes they don’t disclose their hardship at work to his loved ones at home.

Confidence begins at home. If all the fathers love their daughters and give mental support, they in return become very strong and confident later in life. So for our daughters to be strong and bold, confident fathers are needed.

Happiness comes from inside and that’s how a family should be with their children while they grow up and give enough love to them so that they become whole hearted human beings in the long run and once they are good human beings they become good and responsible citizens and that’s how a country’s next generation changes. As parents, we should be careful about our children’s mental and physical security too. We are responsible for their growth mentally and physically. This world can be cruel, so everyone should know how to survive first with love and dignity.

Men and women should respect each other and give each other equal importance. Then I think life will be much better and peaceful on this earth.

A Women’s Day should remind us how to be beautiful as a human being first, then a woman. As humans we are all equal creations of God. We all deserve love and respect.


The writer is a Senior Lecturer, School of Business and Economics, North South University