Cheating in name of higher edn

Staff Correspondent

10 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A study centre of a fake foreign university has been opened in Dhaka, cheating students seeking higher degrees from abroad.

The management of the study centre has already misappropriated huge sums of money from the higher degree-seekers.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has unearthed the information while conducting an investigation into the activities of the illegal study centre.

The UGC, the regulatory body of universities, has found that the study centre is being operated in the name of “American Independent University, California, USA”.

Lincolns Higher Education and Management, an organisation of Bangladesh, is running the study centre to deceive students and make huge money.

Sources said the website ( of the fake foreign university was launched from Naogaon of Bangladesh in 2014.

There is an office of the study centre on Shahjalal Tower on Shiddheswari Cr. Road in Dhaka.

During its recent investigation, the UGC has also found that there is no university named “American Independent University, California, USA” in the world.

UGC sources said the information on the illegal study centre has come to their notice after it (the centre) has recently published advertisements on different courses, including MPhil, PhD, MBA, Hon’s and Masters.

The fake university in its advertisements has also mentioned that there are chances of special scholarships and credit transfers.

The fake university charges a student $5,100 for the masters course and $10,600 for PhD programme.

UGC Member Prof Dr Biswajit Chanda said, “Admission of students or running educational activities in the name of a foreign university, a branch campus and a study centre without permission from the government is a completely illegal and punishable offense as per law.”

“It is illegal to operate any study centre of any foreign university without permission. In this case, operating a study centre of a non-existent foreign university is a gross violation of the law,” he said.

He has also advised the admitted students and jobseekers to be careful in this regard.

The UGC member has also suggested that students should not use any certificate provided by the so-called university or the study centre.

The UGC has urged the government to take necessary measures to stop operation of the illegal study centre immediately.