Digitalisation in RMG to boost growth

Viyellatex Group chairman says

Staff Correspondent

9 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Digitalisation in RMG to boost growth

Digital adoption in the country’s readymade garment sector will boost the export growth of the products, said David Hasanat, Chairman of Viyellatex Group.

In an interview with the Daily Sun, he discussed in details the digitalization of the country’s largest industry.

He also talked about the use of digital platforms and the pandemic impacts on operations of the Viyellatex Group.

Terming information as the key to all business success, David Hasanat said the digital adoption “absolutely helps the RMG grow.”

He also emphasised the need to develop necessary infrastructure and skilled manpower for implementing an ambitious project.

Manpower with appropriate skills initiates transformation in an industry, he added.

As a user of digital B2B trade platform Serai, Viyellatex Chairman thinks that it can connect them with the buyers and brands better in the future.

“If this platform can aid us in gaining more relevant information, then it can definitely benefit us. By learning more about our buyers and different suppliers we can make better business decisions,” added the chairman.

David Hasanat said there could be an opportunity for such digital platforms to provide more real time customer, buyer and supplier information, which would help to adjust internal strategies in response to it.

He thinks the the small and medium sized RMG manufacturers and suppliers should also adopt digital tools to grow their business.

 Regardless of the size, any business can benefit from digitalization.

However, companies also need to be cautious and ensure that they have the right team and skill sets internally before proceeding.

“Being in the RMG market for so long, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the industry grow and evolve over time. There has been a lot of rapid change in the past 20 years especially in business processes”, said Hasanat speaking about his experience in the industry.

All brands have started converging towards a fast fashion-oriented business model with much sharper lead times and even sharper prices.

Vendors today want full-service suppliers that provide end-to-end services and aren’t merely tech pack providers, he added.

About the pandemic effects in the RMG sector, David Hasanat said the pandemic came as a big shock to the system, leading the businesses to shrink by about 15 to 20 percent, although the usual year-on-year growth by 8 to 10 percent.

“So, the gross impact was a 35 percent decrease against the forecast for the year. In these trying times, we have had to exhaust all resources to save costs where it makes sense”, he added.