City dwellers suffering from mosquito infestation

7 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Like every year, the dominance of mosquitoes can be noticed everywhere once again. Especially in the capital city the situation is bad. Due to mismanagement of canals, blocked roads and drains the infestation of mosquitoes has increased in Dhaka. The city dwellers are restless being bitten by mosquitoes day and night.

The doors and windows of houses are closed before the evening. Even then there is no respite or protection from mosquito bites. When children sit down to study, mosquito bites cause blood clots on their hands, feet and face. Mosquitoes buzz in our ears when we go to work in the kitchen. Coils, sprays, electric bats are all being used to kill the mosquitoes. But there is no relief from mosquito bites.

According to the residents of the capital, the situation of mosquito infestation is in almost all the areas of Uttara, Khilkhet, Niketan, Gulshan, Banani, Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Mohakhali, Farmgate, Shahbagh, Dhanmondi and Gulistan. The incidence of increase of mosquitoes with the onset of winter and in the following season is an annual occurrence.

Mosquito bites are affecting people with various diseases including dengue and chikunguniya. According to the Health Emergency Operations Center and Control Room of the Department of Health, two people have contracted dengue fever in the last 24 hours. Last year, 1,405 people were infected with dengue and seven died. 199 people were infected in January, 45 in February, 26 in March, 25 in April, 10 in May, 20 in June, 23 in July, 7 in August, 48 in September, 164 in October, 548 in November and December.

Aedes mosquito-borne disease dengue had the highest death toll in the country in 2019. That year, 189 people died of dengue. Besides, the city dwellers are once again suffering from extreme misery and suffering from mosquitoes. The two city corporations of Dhaka had to face extreme criticism in this incident. As a result, the city corporations played an effective role in controlling the Aedes mosquito in the following year. But this year, the mosquito infestation has increased again. Thus, in addition to dengue, the risk of filariasis, chikungunya and other diseases is increasing.

The main responsibility for the eradication of mosquitoes lies with the two city corporations of Dhaka. Because, it is not possible for the citizens to clean the canals and drains or apply medicines there. Due to this, the concerned people think that the increase in the breeding of mosquitoes is a failure of the responsible agency. However, the mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation is claiming that the pesticides being used are tolerant for mosquitoes. He also assured that he will change it soon and take action.

The two city corporations in Dhaka have not been as active in controlling mosquitoes this year as they have been in coping with Coronavirus. The way ward-based mosquito eradication workers have worked to control the Aedes mosquito carrying the dengue virus is no longer as active as it used to be.

Entomologists say they see weaknesses in the two city corporations in the steps that need to be taken to control the mosquitoes. This is because the mosquito infestation would not have increased so much if the cleanliness and spraying activities had been done properly. An on-the-spot investigation has shown that there is an excessive infestation of mosquitoes all over Dhaka city.

As a result, the public life of the people of the capital is becoming unbearable. Students are not able to concentrate on their studies properly due to mosquito bites. Mosquito bites are causing an increase in the number of diseases ranging from fever, which is terrible for children and adults. In addition, the rate at which mosquito breeding is increasing, it will increase 3-4 times by late March or April-May, which is frightening and threatening for the people of the capital. Therefore, it is very important for the city corporations and the concerned authorities to take action to eradicate mosquitoes fast. Besides, the general public should also take utmost care.


Mamun Hossain Agun, student of Department of Political Science, Dhaka College