Amazing success in ICT sector

5 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Information and Communication Technology is like Aladdin’s magic lamp in the hands of Bangladesh; it worked wonders and took the country to the super highway of modern technology. Introduction of ICT revolutionised diverse aspects of people’s life and accelerated the pace of development in the country’s economy, governance, education and healthcare and all that. There is hardly any field of work that did not get the golden touch of King Midas. But contrary to the devastating consequences in case of Midas, this magic wand really performed miracle and brought about revolutionary transformation in the way of our life.

Bangladesh is now implementing a number of mega projects like the Padma Bridge, the Metro Rail, the Karnaphuli Tunnel, the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant and the Payra Port, among others. But digitisation of the country is no less important both in terms of population coverage and the lasting impacts it is like to leave on their life. Though the digitisation process is not as easily discernible as the earlier ones, it silently took us to an altogether new height, creating the ground for setting before us an even higher objective. Digitisation placed Bangladesh in a leading position in Asia.

The benefits of digitisation can be perceived from the fact that more than 120 million Bangladeshis out of a total of about 170 million have mobile phones now and millions of others have access to high-speed connections as is mentioned by Sajeeb Wazed, the Prime Minister’s chief ICT adviser. The digital development has brought about radical changes in all spheres of the state administration. This helped us continue academic activities to a certain extent even during the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 vaccination programme is now running speedily and smoothly mainly because of adoption of the digital technology.

This miracle could happen because of the prudent and pragmatic policies of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her ICT adviser. Bangladesh achieved this tremendous success only over more than a decade. Digital Bangladesh is one of the greatest gifts of the PM to the people on the occasion of the country’s golden jubilee of independence. However, there is hardly any scope of complacency; whatever we have achieved is just the beginning. Digitisation should be taken to an even higher level until every individual and all aspects of life are brought under its domain.