Remarkable vaccination programme

3 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We are pleased to see that many of the nay-sayers and fervent critics of the government, who even tried to scare the people about the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and criticised the government’s move regarding its procurement, are now getting inoculated without much hesitation. Where are their scruples, we wonder! As unfortunately, initially many of our simple minded people fell for their fear tactics and were having second thoughts about getting vaccinated. But the sincere perseverance of the government, the successful vaccine awareness campaigns and the swiftness of the registration and inoculation procedures succeeded in winning over people’s confidence soon enough. The result is that a huge number of the people took the first dose of the vaccine.

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought down to their knees many of the economic and military superpowers of the present day world. To contain the spread of the fatal virus many countries had to undergo repeated and multiple lockdowns, which literally has brought their booming economies to a grinding halt. Thus, a rush to produce an effective vaccine began soon.

For any vaccine to be truly effective against the Covid-19, experts opined, large scale populations must be brought under the vaccination programme in every country; otherwise it would not be effective enough. This meant that every country of the world rushed to procure vaccines as soon as it came out to immediately inoculate the front liners, the vulnerable and the vital population.

With such a high demand for vaccines against the fatal disease, it is an admirable feat of the present government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to be providing free vaccine shots to the people. Many richer nations like Japan, Malaysia, etc. have not yet started vaccination of their people. 

The strength of an individual or a nation is truly revealed when faced with a crisis. Nothing could be more trying than this global pandemic for any people or nation. During this period the leadership of Bangladesh has positively manifested the resolve to serve the country and the people by giving incentives to keep the economy rolling, imposing health safety rules at public places and procuring the vaccine for free inoculation of the people.