Spring brings life to nature

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

2 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Spring brings life 
to nature

Trees are leafing out with the arrival of spring, the king of all seasons. The photo was taken from the capital’s Motijheel area on Monday. —Kamrul Islam Ratan

With the arrival of the spring, the nature has started to put on a new green dress and lovely appearance.

The season, which is crowned as the king of all seasons, has brought a new life to trees that are putting forth new leaves while flowers are blooming in thousands all around with the fog of the winter fading away and the warm sunrays hitting the ground and heating the earth.

People are now witnessing trees blooming around their neighbourhoods.

The swift-changing side of the nature makes the spring so fascinating to witness.

Not only plants and trees are flourishing but the spring has also brought life to animals and birds.   

It is the time when the nature wakes up and shakes off all traces of the biting days of winter. During this period, every object of the nature becomes fresh and tender.

Prof Dr Md Abdul Karim of the Botany department at Dhaka University told the Daily Sun that the spring has a connection with the nature, animal and bird life as it brings joy to them. “When trees respond to noticeably warmer days after a stretch of cold temperatures in winter, at the same time, they react to a change in light duration when there are shorter nights and longer days and spur new growth and development,” he said.

He, however, said the signs of spring are appearing lately in the country this time as the winter took more time to bid farewell. “Different trees have started to grow leaves lately,” he said, attributing it to the climate change.

Spring is the last of six seasons between winter and summer spreading over the Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra.

The tine display of colours and fragrance the trees and flowers present is marvelous while the variety of their colours attracts bees and butterflies.

Karim said the new colours of buds save trees from different organisms like bacteria, fungus and other insects.

Over the space of a few days, people can see a plant or tree go from sprouting tightly-furled buds to displaying bold bright flowers.

Spring has none of the inconveniences of these seasons; every object of the nature becomes fresh.