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Expanding ecommerce to village

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1 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Expanding ecommerce to village

A new ecommerce platform, is working towards the goal to serve the people of the village along with the city dwellers.

In a statement, CEO Moniruzzaman Mridha mentioned the company wants to be the country's top e-commerce platform by offering customers services, facilities and innovative offers.

 “There is a reason behind the naming of each organization. We also have the underlying meaning of this name. The English letter 'B' of our B71 means 'Bangladesh', 'Believe' and 'Business'. And '71' is associated with the birth of Bangladesh,” he said.

The entrepreneur believes the b71bd will do better than other players in the market many as most of them have a crisis of trust of the customers.

“We want to create this place of trust. And the will focus on product quality and proper delivery. Many consumers complain that e-commerce products are different in reality after purchase from which they see in the picture.”

Regarding the commitment in ecommerce,  Moniruzzaman further said that first and most important commitment of b71bd is to always provide maximum service to the customers.

 “It is very important to innovate in e-commerce. We are working on it. New services will be added to our site soon. Only then I will officially let everyone know. I don't want to publish it right now.” has planned to establish the platform  as one of the top e-commerce sites in Bangladesh expanding services up to village, according to the official.