Uproot health sector corruption

28 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Health sector that is meant to ensure healthcare facilities, one of the basic rights of humankind, is one of the sectors that demands selfless service from health personnel to make a healthy nation. It is expected that the people appointed here take the job aiming at serving people. Consequently, the employees had been in a respectable position in society as well as near to people’s hearts. But, they are about to lose that position due to the corruption and irregularities of some health professionals who consider their job nothing but an opportunity to make a quick buck. These people are embezzling a huge amount of public money along with tarnishing the image of the sector.

In a recent special audit report of the health and family welfare directorate, the audit delegation has found that twelve public hospitals in the capital have misused and embezzled a huge amount of government money allocated for different purposes, including quarantine expenses during the pandemic. A few days ago, the delegation of the health audit department also found similar types of irregularities in several public hospitals. These reports unmask the greedy and dishonest characters of the professionals who took oath at the beginning of their job to serve people and humanity and are doing the worst deeds in gross violation of the noble oath. The health sector has actually been crippled by these people.

Because of this group, the sector has been turning into a hub of corruption. The corruption that led them to make money is also the main barrier for the state to provide improved healthcare facilities to mass people at an affordable cost. They are the people who are responsible for ruining the image of our health facilities and leading people to go abroad for treatment. All efforts of the government to provide quality health services to the people go in vain because of these perpetrators.

The authorities concerned, therefore, should take stern action against these culprits who have hardly any rights to hold a position in a public job, let alone a noble job in the health sector. The most common punishment – transfer – is not enough for them; they deserve punishment following court trials for embezzling public money and hindering the authorities from fulfiling one of the basic human rights.