Illegal sex toys just a click away

Ahamed Ullah

27 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Illegal adult sex toys are being sold openly through different online platforms in the country due to negligence of the authorities concerned, putting the younger generation in danger.

Though the sale of such products is illegal in the country, this is going on unabated as the authorities have turned a blind eye to the issue, said rights activists.

Anyone can buy these items from different websites and pages in social media sties.

“Such products are being sold openly everywhere in Bangladesh. How these are being sold and where’s is the monitoring?” Advocate Salma Ali, president of Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association (BNWLA), told the Daily Sun.

“Ministries concerned and law enforcement agencies should take immediate action against the platforms selling these types of products to save our younger generation,” she said.

In the recent incident of rape and murder of a female student of an English medium school in the capital, law enforcers found the evidence of the use of sexual material. The body of the victim bore signs of a foreign body which is perverted sex.

Then the issue of easy availability of these materials came to the fore.

Some unscrupulous people are doing business by opening websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels. There are various videos and advertisements in YouTube.

A Daily Sun investigation found that several online sites, including,, and, are running the business of sex toys.

A large number of Facebook pages and YouTube channels with different names are also selling the banned products across the country.

It has been found that with a single call, anyone can avail these harmful products from 

various online platforms. The products are delivered at the specified address only for ordering through the given mobile number or messenger.

The products include dildos, magic condoms made of plastic or silicone, sex dolls and sprays. These products have different colours, types and sizes.

There is also sex-stimulating Viagra tablet available. Although a physician’s prescription is mandatory to buy this tablet, anyone can have it by ordering online.

“Such banned products are putting our younger generation in danger, degrading social and moral values,” said Salma Ali.

These sex products are legal in different western countries but illegal in Bangladesh.

Browsing through different online platforms, anyone can find various sex products. There are also various sexually explicit ads making rounds on Facebook. Buyers from any age group are able to buy these products online.

Contacted with a mobile number from such a Facebook page, they said they have not faced any obstacle to doing the business. But these products are not allowed to be traded in the country.

As per the Consumers’ Rights Protection Act 2009, it is an offence to sell any type of illegal product. The law provides for imprisonment or fines or both.

It is also a crime to sell drugs in violation of the Food Safety Act 2013. This law, in addition to other ones, provides for severe penalties for selling Viagra without a prescription.

It was learned that sex products enter Bangladesh by managing some dishonest officials at different ports.

Social and crime expert Tawohidul Haque told the Daily Sun, “The sale of such products has long been going on in our country. But the matter came to light with the death of Anuska.”

“Anything online means it is public. Why the law enforcement agencies have not been able to take legal action against those who are doing this business?” he said.

“It’s not possible to run this business without the cooperation of those who are responsible for their care,” Tawohidul Haque, who is also an assistant professor of Institute of Social Welfare and Research at Dhaka University, said.

“If we can’t control this right now, we’ll lose many more in future,” he added.