Are super shops above laws?

25 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

With rapid urbanisation, higher per capita income and an increase in the number of middle-class, super shops have gained huge popularity in major cities of the country, especially in the capital. Consumers belonging to the affluent and middle economic class now prefer super shops to avoid the hassle of shopping roaming over a large area in traditional kitchen markets. Super shop owners also try satisfying consumers providing them with required services. But such attempts are basically made focusing on the inside services of their shops. The scenario is different outside the four walls. Most of the super shops do not have parking space which forces consumers to park their vehicles illegally on the adjacent roads creating traffic jams very often and causing people to suffer.

According to the laws, a building would only be allowed for commercial activities if it has enough parking facilities. Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) is given the responsibility to look after this matter. Thus, it is very much expected and reasonable that RAJUK will permit a building for commercial activities if only it has adequate parking facilities. But these super shops that sprouted beside busy roads and footpaths mostly in busy areas have been doing business for years despite having no such facilities. There is the allegation that some employees of these super shops advise their customers to park their vehicles on the adjacent roads when customers ask for a parking space. Besides creating traffic jams, this causes a serious safety concern for the pedestrians as they have to walk along the middle of the roads and risk themselves being hit by approaching vehicles.

Traffic jams in this densely populated city have been worsening every day as the number of private cars and other vehicles is increasing fast. Therefore, no other option except increasing parking facilities and restricting people from parking vehicles on roads would reduce the problem. Therefore, compelling every building owner and every business centre to keep parking facilities is a must. But it seems that the authorities concerned are nonchalant over the issue, unless why they allow buildings without parking facilities to be used commercially? Is it an indirect encouragement to illegal parking on roads?