5G will benefit all

Says Huawei’s Senior Vice-President

Staff Correspondent

23 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The 5G technology promotes traditional industries and can benefit all, said Catherine Chen, Huawei’s Senior Vice-President and Board Member.

"Wide-scale 5G deployment can already be seen in multiple industries worldwide," she added while giving keynote speech at a function titled: "Connected for Shared Prosperity," organised by    Huawei, Global Mobile Association (GSMA), Center of Environmental Economics of Fudan University, and The Paper in Shaghai on Monday.

"Every-day, consumers benefit from 5G experiences, while industrial use in seaports, mines, and the transportation sector is increasing operational efficiency," Catherine Chen stated.

Today, technological advancements are hyped and politicized, sometimes demonized, she said, adding, "Many have stopped believing in technology's power because of fear and distrust. Some are going to great lengths to hinder the development of technology."

International industry regulators, and think tanks from China, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, Hungary, and Portugal, among others, were also present on the occasion.

Huawei has always supported technological advancement. They believe on tech benefits humanity. Alongside, the company also believes that digital tech will help the UN achieve its SDGs. Huawei has already explored many applications of digital tech guided by the SDGs.               

Huawei's Smart PV solution is being widely used in more than 60 countries to reduce carbon emissions by 148 million tons. This is the equivalent of planting more than 200 million trees. In Ethiopia alone, they have helped their customers deploy over 400 solar power stations, reducing carbon emissions by 2,850 tons. In China, the company has helped to build the world's largest solar stations dedicated to agriculture and fishing in Ningxia and Shandong provinces.