Chobi Mela ‘Shunno’ concludes

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22 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Chobi Mela ‘Shunno’ concludes

Chobi Mela, the largest photography festival of Asia concluded on Sunday. The ten-day event started on February 12. This year Chobi Mela mounts a special edition, ‘Shunno (0)’.

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute and Drik Pictures Library jointly organised the festival at the DrikPath Bhobon in the capital.

Chobi Mela ‘Shunno (0)’ featured eight projects of 75 artists of different countries, including, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Srilanka. Some of the notable works were displayed at the festival in memory of eminent architect Bashirul Haq and the first female photographer of Bangladesh Sayeeda Khanum. This year, Chobi Mela paid a special tribute to their groundbreaking works.

The participating photographers and artists of the festival presented works from various mediums, including painting, film, installation, sculpture, video, sound besides Pathshala Library Project with the Swiss artist-researcher Mara Züst in Chapakhana Archive.

The festival furthermore featured a podcast series, 2-hour-long Baba Betar radio programme, numerous artist talks etc. Chobi Mela (0) also observed Drik Day, Pathshala Day and Solidarity day to celebrate the history and journey of the festival on a wider spectrum.

This year Chobi Mela held its ‘Special edition’ in contrast with the regular festival, which takes place every two years. The Special Edition raised essential questions about its own purpose. Keeping health safety in mind, direct participation of international artists has been avoided. This year the focus of Chobi Mela remained within our neighboring countries with virtual exhibitions and other online events digitally broadcast for international and local audience.