Let not mosquitoes breed

22 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Mosquito menace has come back after a short break. Although there is no outbreak of the Aedes mosquito now, the population of other mosquito species has increased. It is known that Culex species of mosquito increase during the winter which causes people to suffer though does not spread the two most common mosquito-borne diseases of Bangladesh. But sadly efforts to control them have always been half-hearted, resulting in the present situation.

The scenario was different a couple of months ago when both city corporations took several initiatives aiming especially at containing dengue and chikungunya that spread alarmingly year before last. But as soon as the breeding season of the Aedes mosquito ends, other mosquito species, including Culex, have increased most probably due to the relaxation of the authorities concerned who expressed their satisfaction over their success in keeping dengue and chikungunya outbreak under control.

The mosquito menace is a perennial problem for the city dwellers thus needs nonstop action. But it did not happen. The effectiveness of mosquito repellent the city corporations using now is under question as denizens complain that they are not getting rid of mosquito nuisance even after medicine being sprayed. On the other hand, one of the city corporations has reduced the number of workers engaged in mosquito control.

There is no denial that the best way to control mosquito and mosquito-borne diseases is to eliminate breeding grounds which would bring better result than mitigating measures such as fogging that show maximum 30 per cent efficacy. But the authorities and mass people are reluctant to the issue. Though mass people panic every year when the mosquito population increases, they do not follow the guidelines formulated to curve mosquito infestation. On the other hand, the city corporations are yet to find a sustainable solution to stop mosquito breeding in stagnant water.

Therefore, quick action is needed to get rid of the mosquito menace. Till a sustainable option comes, the authorities concerned should conduct mosquito control programmes round the year instead of a particular season. Besides, they should ensure the quality of insecticides used to control mosquitoes and monitor the field-level workers responsible for spraying insecticides. At the same time, mass people should keep their surroundings clean.