Unapproved buildings: where is the end?

21 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It has been years since the issue of faulty and unapproved building construction has given so much importance. It is a simple law that buildings should be constructed after getting proper approval from the authorities concerned and following the rules and regulations. But many landowners hardly pay any heed to it and construct buildings as per their will, putting the residents of those illegal buildings at great risk. The Friday incident of a three-story building collapse at Charail in Keraniganj is proof of how reluctant we can be to follow rules and unethical to make money.

It is learnt from a report of this daily that a tin-roofed floor was constructed on the second floor of a building that did not have any foundation near the Purbacharail playground on the bank of a water body. After the incidents, the law enforcement agencies have found five more such buildings in that area which were being vacated. While it is almost sure that buildings of these kinds do not have approval from the authorities concerned, the buildings surprisingly have all the utility services. Now, it is a question that how the building owners got utility connections. Anyone can find hundreds of such buildings if they look at their surroundings.

It seems the authorities concerned have little interest in taking action against them till any mishap occurs as they actually allow some people to construct buildings avoiding rules and regulation and help the latter group get utility services in exchange for money. The probable consequences of such activities are so silly that this group of people never consider thinking of it!

But there must be an end. We all know that Dhaka and its adjacent areas are at risk of an earthquake and a large number of buildings in the capital would collapse if an earthquake with the force of 7 Magnitude of the Richter scale hit here. For that reason repairing most old vulnerable buildings would have been the most reasonable action but the authorities concerned fail to control new unapproved buildings’ construction let alone the older ones. But time has been passing by very fast. If we cannot be stronger and tougher against irregularities in this sector, time will come when we cannot hide our sins by blaming our fate.