Vegetables prices stable in city markets

Staff Correspondent

20 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prices of most of the winter vegetables, edible oils and sugar remained stable in the kitchen markets in the capital on Friday thanks to ample supply of the produces. Prices of chickens soared.

The kitchens markets saw ample supply of winter vegetables including cauliflower, tomato, cabbage, beans, radish, broccoli and spinach.

Meanwhile, some early varieties of summer vegetables, like pointed gourd and okra have started arriving in the markets, thought its prices were beyond the reach of low-income people. These are selling at Tk 80-100 per kg.

Potato price has also declined in the capital and

seasonal cardinal and diamond varieties were retailed at Tk 15-20 per kilogram.

Aminur Rahmad, a potato seller at Mohammadpur Krishi Market, said huge supply of potato is the reason of price fall.

Onion prices also continued to decline last week. It is declined by Tk 5 a kg in the past seven days as local varieties were sold at Tk 30-35 per kg while imported one at Tk 22-25 per kg.

Price of sugar prices too remained unchanged at Tk 65-70 per kilogram.

Most of the vegetable in the Mohammadpur Kitchen market was selling at Tk20-30 per kg.

Tomato was selling at Tk 20-30 per kg, cucumber at Tk 20-30 per kg , beans at 20-40 per kg, eggplant at Tk 20-30 per kg and carrot at Tk 15-25 per kg.

Price of broiler chicken was Tk 150-160 per kg on Friday while it was Tk110-125 per kg a week earlier, Sonali was Tk 260-270 per kg while it was Tk 240-250 a week earlier and indigenous one was Tk 420-450 per kg while it was Tk 480-560 per kg a week earlier.