Commendable initiative of DNCC

18 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Among others, fresh air is one of the most valuable gifts that make the earth the only suitable planet for animal survival. But the air quality has been worsening every moment resulting in slow-poisoning humankind, and Bangladesh is topped in that ranking in recent years. According to a recent study, it was the second-most polluted country in the 11-month air quality index last year, while Dhaka was fourth among cities. Air quality in other cities has also been deteriorating and exceeding the danger limit in recent times. Air quality has been a major problem in recent years and which is why the High Court in November last ordered authorities concerned to take steps to bring down the air pollution level in Dhaka and its adjacent area. Though all nine directives of the High Court are yet to be fulfilled, to control dust the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has brought two modern truck-mounted mist sprayers which are more capable of suppressing dust than traditional sprayers, thanks to the DNCC authorities.

It is pleasurable that these sprayers have some uniqueness as a high-pressure water system used for removing and cleaning the dust in the air and other harmful dust on the land while the traditional ones only spray water. Such initiatives are likely to make dwellers feel a sort of relief. If the DNCC could manage the dust problem this time, it would surely be a gift to the denizens, a big step to achieve their election manifesto to make the city liveable and a major move to ensure one of the basic rights of people to a healthy life.

Statistics say air pollution led to 173,500 deaths in Bangladesh in 2019. Moreover, a number of children, pedestrians and rickshaw pullers in big cities in the country are mostly exposed to different respiratory complications because of air pollution. Besides, according to WHO air pollution affects neurodevelopment and cognitive ability, damage children's lung function, and put children at greater risk of chronic diseases later in life. Therefore, the authorities should take up some more such steps to control and clean dust from the air along with containing air pollution in every major city aiming at gifting the next generation a favourable environment to grow up.