Fear of Major Cyber Attacks

Banks on high alert

Staff Correspondent

18 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Banks are on high alert after getting a warning from the government's computer incident response team (CIRT) about a major cyber attack.

The CIRT has advised to be vigilant for fear of cyber attacks on several financial and government institutions in the country, including Bangladesh Bank (BB). The CIRT, a specialized cybercrime investigations institution, issued a warning notice on their website Tuesday night.

The institute on Wednesday sent a warning message to banks regarding the attack by an international hacking group known as 'Kasablanka'.

They recently observed and identified the ongoing development of attack variants and dedicated malware campaigns specifically targeted at Bangladeshi infrastructures.

A handout from BGD e-GOV CIRT warned that the specific type of malware is targeting users or consumers from different financial and government institutions in the country.

After the incident some banks has closed their online transactions, ATM operations and bank-to-mobile money transfer activities temporarily.

However, they also clarified that the group is acting to spread their botnets within Bangladesh to tweak for espionage rather than for breaching accounts for financial gains.

This specific campaign utilises a type of RAT (Remote Access Trojan) known as LodaRAT to infiltrate windows and android systems.

Their recent phishing campaign tried to allure the people interested in vaccination by using a fake web portal that looks like the legitimate Covid-19 vaccine program website corona.gov.bd.             

BGD e-GOV CIRT urged financial and government institutions at risk to ensure proper information and cyber security awareness training among all the employees, customers, and consumers and properly educate customers and consumers in using their applications such as Mobile Banking service, etc.

They also requested to report or inform BGD e-GOV CIRT regarding any incident of a breach at https://www.cirt.gov.bd/incident-reporting/.

Earlier in November, the government had issued a warning against cyber attacks on Bangladeshi banks.

At the end of last August, Bangladesh Bank had issued a warning about cyber attacks on Bangladeshi banks. Banks were instructed to be vigilant as a North Korean hacker group could carry out the attack.

As part of that precaution, many banks have restricted their online banking services.