Bumper garlic yield expected in Natore dist

Our Correspondent

16 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

NATORE: Garlic farmers in the district have not only become solvent but have also constructed buildings with the profit they earned by selling their produce.

Farmers in the district cultivate garlic as they are getting bumper production of the cash crops.

Target has been set to produce around 12800 tonnes of garlic from 1,510 hectares of land in the district.

The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) and the farmers are optimistic of bumper output of garlic this season in the area.

The DAE is expecting more than 15,000 tonnes of garlic output this season due to favorable weather conditions in the area. The saplings of the spice are growing well, and bumper production is predicted from around 1,510 hectares of land during the current season.

Lalpur Upazila Agriculture Officer Rafiqul Islam said all possible measures were adopted to attain the production target in the region this season.

He said farmers here are showing interest in garlic farming as they are getting bumper production and fair prices for the cash crops using an eco-friendly method.

Now, he said, the farmers are passing very busy days in garlic cultivation and they are expecting bumper production of garlic this year due to favourable weather.

Muzam Ali, a farmer Lalpur upazila, had cultivated garlic on a 60-decimal land using the zero tillage method on trial basis in 2019 and he got a bumper yield. He cultivated the cash crop on three bigha of land, following the year.

After spending Tk 10,400 in garlic farming, Ali got sale-proceeds worth Tk 1.10 lakh and he earned a profit of Tk 70,000 in 2019, which inspired him to boost the farming to four bigha of arable land this year.

Nazmul Haque, a garlic farmer of Lalpur upazila, said they used to cultivate garlic after digging the land in the past. However, now many farmers have started garlic cultivation without digging the land.

Farmers will be able to achieve bumper production of garlic if the weather remains favourable.

He said the direct-seeded garlic cultivation is gaining popularity among farmers in the region, including its char areas, supplementing the ongoing efforts of reducing pressure on soil and underground water.

Lalpur Upazila Agriculture officer Rafiqul Islam, said farmers are now showing more interest in the method of zero tillage garlic farming just after harvesting their transplanted Aman paddy.

Residual values of chemical and organic fertilizers and soil moisture of the paddy fields help the garlic farming enormously, he said.

He said many government and non-government development entities are working for further promotion of water-saving crops in the area while the zero tillage garlic farming opens up a new door.

Lucrative market price of garlic has also encouraged the farmers to grow the cash crop this winter, he said.

A good number of female farmers have been involved with the farming. The peasants have been given short-term training from agriculture offices across the region, he added.