Cricket needs to develop to exist

16 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The skills of the Bangladeshi cricketers have no doubt developed to a certain extent, enabling Tigers to achieve important successes in the international arena, particularly in the shorter versions of the game. In the process, our cricket warriors have earned name and fame for the country and made it known to the cricket fans around the globe. They are also trying heart and soul to perform better in the longer version of cricket as well. But important success is still a mirage for us as is evidenced by their ill luck of conceding defeat in the just concluded two-match Test series against the West Indies.

However, in our evaluation of cricketers’ achievements, we guard against committing the mistake of judging the performances of the Tigers on the basis of a single win or defeat in a particular match. Gain or loss is an integral part of sports; even a powerful team may have to concede defeat under certain circumstances. History has no example of ever victorious heroes. What we are concerned about is Tigers’ lack of consistent growth.

To ensure a brighter future of cricket, Tigers need to constantly develop their temperament and skill in all fields of the game; but sadly, the trend of their growth is not as consistent as it should be. It seems they are standing at the same point in their developmental curve, especially in the longer version of cricket. Here again, it should be mentioned that our cricketers are making every effort to deliver the best.

Then why they fail to achieve despite their craving for it? It is up to cricket experts to find out the cause and effect relationship between their effort and level of gain. Cricketers will have to be given all possible support so that they can achieve further skills. Blame game will hardly be of any benefit for us. At the same time, we need to pay attention to developing cricket infrastructure across the country and officially introducing cricket (as well as other games and sports) right at the school level to nurture future cricketers.

Existence and growth have an integrated relationship between them: What exists grows; that does not grow will not be able to maintain its existence, ultimately. To ensure a bright future, our cricket needs to be developed in a resolute manner. Stakeholders should create necessary environment for this.