Quality research for better health

16 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Health is a major wealth in our life. It contributes to economic prosperity and brings in desired happiness. Health is best achieved through organised efforts of research. People’s improved health and their wellbeing are the main concerns of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As to why, she has called upon all concerned to conduct more research on medical sciences to achieve the goal of improved health and people’s wellbeing.

Many low and middle income countries of the world have to import medicines from abroad to meet their demand. But, it is heartening to note that now our country does not have to depend on other countries to meet its pharmaceutical needs. This has been possible due to local companies’ ability to produce medicines for meeting the requirements of its mass people. In some cases, Bangladesh-made medicines are exported to other countries, thanks to local factories’ enhanced production capacity and admirable know-how as well as commitments of our pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. But, it’s true that most of the local companies depend on other countries for supply of necessary ingredients and other materials needed to produce medicines. This trend should be changed. To reverse the trend, more research activities should be carried out so that we can prepare the necessary ingredients and related materials locally.

Earlier, the Premier stressed on research work in universities. This time, she has stressed on more research on medical science. In the last budget the government has allocated a handsome amount for the purpose of medical research. This will undoubtedly pave the ways for pursuing quality research. But, it must be ensured that the allotted money is spent in a responsible manner. We urge for proper utilisation of the public money.

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) implies that all people have access to quality health services they need, without financial hardship. The UHC received a fresh momentum with the adoption of the sustainable goal of access to essential healthcare services and safe, effective, and affordable medicines for all. We need to conduct research in medical science as part of our efforts for quality health.