Valentine’s Day sales still gloomy

Md Ashiquer Rahman Bhuiyan

12 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Consumer confidence for ‘Valentine's Day’ luxury items like branded clothes and smartphones is yet to rebound ahead one of the world’s biggest festivals. 

Couples are less interest in Valentine shopping amid the coronavirus pandemic though vaccination has been rolled out across the country earlier this week.    

As the government has delayed opening of educational institutions until February 14, the youth won't be able to celebrate the Valentine's Day this year like before.

Anamika Ghosh, a private university student, said, "I am not going to buy any kind of occasional outfit for Valentine's Day this year as we are not going to the university."

Noted cultural personality and former Bangla Academy Director General Shamsuzzaman Khan said, “Young generation enjoys valentine’s day with fanfare due to the aggression of the foreign culture.”

"Due to the closure of academic institutions luxury goods particularly clothes sale has not reached to its pre-covid 19 level because students are major customers of occasional clothing," said Soumik Das, Owner of Rang Bangladesh.

"Although we are seeing some sales in the last 3-4 days, it is still less compared to the pre-covid sales as the youths are not coming out to celebrate the occasions together," he added.

Replying to a query, a sales representative of Huawei technologies seeking anonymity said, "Till now, we couldn't reach the volume that we sold during the Valentine’s day in February, 2019 or even in the 2020."

In addition, many have lost their jobs and have been living with uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Customers' purchasing capacity has also declined to a great extent this year because of job loss in the previous year," he added.

It is noticeable that the vaccination is increasing the customer confidence and the economy is rebounding gradually, he said, adding, "Our sale will bounce back in the upcoming festivals" he said while expressing his hope over the sale rebound.  

Another sales representative from Vivo Mobile Shop echoed the same and said, "Our sale faced a significant backlash and we noticed minimal sell during this Valentine's Day."

"We are hopeful that the situation will become like the years before the coronavirus pandemic," he added.

"Customers are coming to our shop but they are not buying like they bought last year," said Shamonti Haldar, Owner of Moumita Gift Shop, a local retail gift shop.

In contrast, jewellery, another part of Valentine's Day luxury goods, business is now in good condition compared to clothing and smartphone business, he added.

"Because of the vaccine rollout in the country, many started leading a normal life and are participating in many festivals," said Amin Jewellers Manager Md Anichur Rahman.

As, we, Bangladeshi, love to celebrate various occasions, Valentine's Day is one of the occasions when people love to participate, he said, adding, "Our sale is becoming normal like the pre-covid-19 condition thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout."