Significant progress in mega projects

10 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The global Coronavirus pandemic brought many large economies down to their knees, grinding to a halt their massive production capabilities and bringing to the fore the inherent weaknesses of their system. Under the inspiring and capable guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh kept most of her economic activities in a functioning order to enable the teeming millions to sustain themselves throughout the months of the fatal pandemic. To contain the virus, the economic activities of Bangladesh were halted only for a few weeks at the outset of the Coronavirus entering the country.

Bangladesh has always proven to be a wondrous country, different from the rest of the world, in the socio-economical and health related matters. Foreign researchers, academics, journalists, writers, tourists, donor agencies, etc. have often expressed awe at the resilience of the Bangladeshi people and the pace of our economic progress. In fact, the wondrous development of Bangladesh in all sectors has been at the cynosure of many international research studies for decades. Therefore, it is of little wonder that when most countries of the world are crestfallen in the face of the daunting global pandemic, Bangladesh has relentlessly moved towards achieving her desired goals, continuing to build the numerous mega projects which will help fulfil her dreams of becoming a developing country soon.

Amazingly, the progress performance of most of the ongoing mega projects has been much better during the pandemic compared to the pre-pandemic days, which in itself is a matter of admiration and pride for the nation. The government’s top priority projects advanced more than 55 per cent on an average until the first half of the current 2020-21 fiscal year. Nine of the fast-track projects showed a 56.31 per cent overall progress until December, 2020, with the Padma Bridge project advancing the most. The overall progress of the projects was on an average around 45 per cent or less before the pandemic. 

Once operational, the mega projects will uplift the economy by overcoming the long standing issues of infrastructure deficit and transport bottleneck. Bangladesh has manifested that with patriotic leadership she can achieve the impossible. Prolonged peace and stability are required for continued progress and prosperity of any country. The people must also come forward to help the government implement policies which focus on development to achieve desired objectives.