‘Yellow journalism reflected in Al Jazeera report’

Staff Correspondent

8 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Dr Gowher Rizvi, international affairs adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, thinks that the country’s progress and development should be more focused instead of Al Jazeera’s report.

Talking to the media on Sunday, he termed the Qatar-based television’s report on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as yellow journalism.

“The Al Jazeera report lacked evidence and fact,” the international affairs adviser said in his remarks.

“We’ve much work to do. We’ve to advance the country. Let us focus on development and progress; not on third-class yellow journalism,” Gowher Rizvi said.

“It was only yellow journalism, sensationalism. We’ve given more importance to yellow journalism. It should be treated as what it is,” he added.

In its recent documentary titled: “All the Prime Minister’s Men,” the Qatar-based TV channel raised corruption allegations against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina without substantiating its claim through facts and concrete evidence.        

“The Al Jazeera programme was not based on evidence. It was done to criticise us, attack us and undermine our position,” Dr Rizvi commented.

“It was too much irresponsible and there was no evidence. Many allegations have been raised there, but they lacked fact and evidence,” he said.

“There has been an outburst of hatred among the countrymen about the report.”

In a reply to a question on army’s purchase of spyware from Israel, he said: “They’ve raised various issues. Now, we’ve to look into the matter. First, we’ve to know whether it has been bought. If so, then we’ve to know wherefrom it has been bought.”

However, he said technology is such a thing that can be sometimes collected from a second or third country.

“We’re not clear through the programme (TV report) that whether it will be used in or outside the country. There should not be any speculation with regard to this and the matter should be investigated,” he pointed out.

Dr Gowher Rizvi alleged that the report has been published to tarnish the country’s image at a time when it has achieved a lot globally through efficiently controlling Covid-19 and giving shelter to some one million displaced Rohingyas.