Cyber policing need of the hour

7 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

As the country is firmly moving towards digitalisation and people in increasing numbers are embracing a digital way of life, the benefits are demonstrated. But internet-based lifestyle has both upsides and downsides. Of late, crimes related to the internet are increasing by leaps and bounds. To tackle the ever-escalating threats, the government’s plan to set up cyber police station is a step in the right direction.

One of the growing threats of the internet is the exposure to pornography. It is probably the scariest aspect of the internet access that has no surefire remedy. Likewise, the information overload, the growing burden of fake news, and the lure of terrorism and extremism are constantly tugging impressionable minds towards the dangers of brainwashing and confusion.

The internet is also responsible for the spread of crime in the country that never existed before. Posting explicit sexual content to blackmail young girls and their families is a growing trend amongst sexual predators. Criminals are also using the internet to further other criminal activities. It is common knowledge that terrorists and miscreants are utilising social media networks to hatch pernicious plans and push their perilous agenda.

All in all, the technological advancement that has brought us many benefits is also taking much away from our lives. It seems that the more we harness the technology to connect ourselves, the more we are alienated from each other. The isolation and health risks associated with a lifestyle are being fostered by this contradiction as an alarming crisis looms ahead.

However, this crisis is not peculiar to Bangladesh alone, but a global phenomenon. All countries are facing it, some more than others. Bangladesh, therefore, should not try to reinvent the wheel instead of adopting best practices from other nations. But what is important right now for Bangladesh is to recognise this crisis and take it as a formidable challenge.

The reality is that internet and its implications have come to stay in our life. In the coming days, the penetration of this technology is going to grow and at some point perhaps the entire population of Bangladesh will use the internet. The greater penetration will involve a bigger chunk of the population, which will multiply problems manifold. Solutions must be urgently sought before the problems get out of hand.