Corona Update in Rangpur

15,757 infected, 15,027 cured so far in Rangpur

6 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

RANGPUR: A total of 15,757 people have been infected with coronavirus (Covid-19), and of them, 15,027 cured in Rangpur division where the infection rate continues declining during the last seven weeks.

Health officials said the number of Covid-19 cases rose to 15,757 as five new patients were reported after testing 159 samples in the division on Thursday with the daily infection rate of 3.14 percent.

“The daily infection rate remained below the 10 percent mark consistently during the last one and a half months bringing relief to commoners in the division,” said Assistant Director (Health) for Rangpur division Dr ZA Siddiqui.

Earlier, the daily Covid-19 infection rates were 1.89 percent on Wednesday, 1.60 percent on Tuesday, 3.95 percent on Monday, 1.46 percent on Sunday, 5.41 percent on Saturday and 5.85 percent on Friday last in the division.

Since the beginning, a total of 1,02,865 collected samples of Rangpur division were tested till Thursday, and of them, 15,757 people were found Covid-19 positive with an average infection rate of 15.32 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of cured patients rose to 15,027 with the healing of 18 more infected people on Thursday with an average recovery rate of 95.37 percent in the division.